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    Yee Kwan Ice Cream & Adventures

    Yee Kwan and Anthony are on a life long mission to introduce authentic East Asian flavours into ice cream, sorbet and desserts that will bring a zing to your taste buds and a warm tingle to your bellies.

    During their year long honeymoon in Australasia in 2006, they visited beautiful awe-inspiring vistas and destinations, tasting unusual local dishes and embraced the bustling energy of the local markets in the many towns and cities they journeyed through. Yee Kwan’s passionate foodie ideas naturally started flowing.

    Returning back to the UK, Yee Kwan juggled motherhood with firstborn Max and got to work developing her exciting and authentic East Asian inspired ice cream and sorbet flavours, these were launched in 2010.

    10 years later we’ve gained a strong reputation for being the leading East Asian ice cream brand offering a range of innovative products that are sold in over 500 Pan Asian restaurants in the UK and Europe, as well as premium retailers in the UK, UAE and China.

    We source the best quality ingredients, using British milk and cream to make our ice cream and real fruit purees to make our punchy sorbet flavours.

    Yee Kwan works tirelessly to create and blend different flavour combinations to create inspirational flavour experiences for you to share with loved ones. We’re proud to be a Great Taste award supporter, as well as winning many Great Taste awards for our flavours, the proof is in the pudding.

    Our desire is to conquer the world, one scoop at a time, and warm your hearts along the way!


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