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    Return & Refund

    Kurious Arts Limited, trading as The Allstore (Allstore, We, Us, Our), and most sellers on the The Allstore platform, offer returns to customers of The Allstore (You, Your) within 30 days of receipt of delivery (as set out below). Please note that some products may have different policies or requirements associated with them. We will usually issue a refund, for a product shipped by The Allstore, within a maximum of 14 days of that product being returned. In certain circumstances refund timeframes may be longer.

    Mistaken Returns

    If you have accidentally returned the wrong item, please contact Us as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee that your item will be found and returned, and no compensation is provided for incorrect items sent to Us.

    Statutory Cancellation Right

    You have the statutory right to cancel your order for any reason within 14 days beginning with the day you receive the item

    Allstore Returns Policy

    As well as your statutory cancellation rights described above, you can return most products from the Allstore site to Allstore within 30 days of receipt of the products if the products are in an unused and undamaged condition, and otherwise safe to return. The following products thus cannot be returned:

    Returns Costs & Methods

    f the item you purchased is not eligible for a free return, and you’re using a pre-paid return label, We’ll deduct the cost of the return from your refund. Please note that returns that contain multiple items, or large items, may cost more. You can return items using a scanned QR code at designated return locations. .

    Other Statutory Rights

    You have additional rights in relation to incorrect, damaged or defective goods. If you need to contact us by post, please write to: Allstore 1st Floor Castle House Angel Street Sheffield S3 2LS:

    Defective Items After 30 Days

    If your item becomes defective after the Allstore return period, Allstore will repair certain qualifying items, if sold by Allstore. Allstore will not accept a return after 30 days for consumable products or if the defect is due to accidental damage, deliberate damage, caused by external factors, or general wear and tear.

    Conditions of returned items

    When returning a product for any reason, you must do so in the exact conditions you received it from Allstore. You must remove from the returned product and from the box containing the returned product any item not pertaining to the returned product as originally received from Allstore. You agree and accept that the returned product will become Allstore’s property, and that Allstore is therefore entitled to sell it to third parties at Allstore’s full discretion.


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