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    Summer Cotton Stretchable Dress
    Cotton Sexy Mini Dress
    Long dress jeans including belt
    Sweatshirt Hoodie and Skirt Terno
    Cotton Shirt with Character Design
    Formal Office Attire Soft Stripe Terno
    Crop top and bottom terno
    Cotton Sleeveless Dress with lace
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    Educational and Business Services

    The Kurious Academy

    Educational Service

    The Kurious Academy offers courses in filmmaking, media and the arts.


    Film Streaming

    AllFilm is a unique streaming platform for independent film content - short films, animated features, documentaries, comedy or horror movies. It is home for independent filmmakers’ content from around the world, including Oscar nominated and BAFTA award winning Directors and Producers.

    The Kurious

    Media, TV & Film services

    We are a creative production studio, post facility and creative collective driven by the desire to make and tell great stories.


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