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    Not Fade Away

    Not Fade Away is an independent production company based in Attercliffe, founded by Bobbie Mercury and his partner Slim in 2015. Since then they have worked with some of the country’s best up and coming artists, capturing their hometown of Sheffield with a dark, dystopian, often nightmarish new perspective.

    Their goal being to portray the balance between light and darkness, good and evil, yin and yang. The art represents the experiences, memories, moments lost but never forgotten. Offering their services to independent artists who’ve found it difficult to bring their vision to life, through affordable digital media production which can often be incredibly expensive and intimidating.

    Not Fade Away takes pride in the fact it is a family run business, aiming to treat each customer with respect, creating a safe space for all those who wish to bring their dreams to life. Bobbie comes from a family of first generation refugees, using dark imagery to convey a sense of hyperopic optimism despite everything that’s happening in the world right now. Slim acting as the backbone for the entire operation, designing costumes and props to accompany the often gritty imagery.

    Their first collection titled ‘Dawn’ represents the power of light, despite how long the night maybe - morning will always come.

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